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What are the benefits of herbal supplements?

Natural herbs have been used since ancient times to restore health and heal bodies. They are an integral part of Asian cuisine and alternate eastern medicinal treatments. For example, turmeric has always been prevalent in Indian kitchen and also used as an antiseptic to heal wounds. Similarly, holy basil and ginger are used extensively throughout Asia. Today their benefits of numerous herbs are enjoyed by many in the form of herbal supplements.

What are herbal supplements?

Herbal supplements are extracts or parts from plants that contain beneficial organic compounds. These beneficial compounds could be essential amino acids, omega fatty acid, minerals or vitamins which support body functioning. They come in various forms such as tablets, powder, solution or whole food.

Studies have confirmed the role of these herbs in boosting health and supporting healthy life. Here are some benefits of herbal supplements

Benefits of Herbal Supplements

Optimum Functioning

Herbal supplements have ingredients that are essential for healthy body functioning. For example, flaxseeds have omega fatty acids that increase platelet function and reduce risk of heart disease. It also supports healthy hair and skin. Similarly, Ashwagandha or winter cherry has alkaloids that regulate stress levels in the body.

Having a good variety in your food along with right herbal supplements ensures that your body has all the supplies it needs to function optimally on a day to day basis.

Increased Immunity

Almost 80% of your immune cells reside in your gut. Healthy gut is therefore a home to healthy immune system. Herbal supplements support gut health with their anti-microbial agents and anti- inflammatory properties. Eating plenty of fibers and herbs keeps your digestive system functioning smoothly.

Herbal supplements also support your immune system indirectly by keeping other processes in check. For example, keeping the stress levels down indirectly boosts the immune system and protects you against common cold, viral and flu.

Ginger and garlic have been used for centuries to soothe cold and flu symptoms. Cinnamon is also known to boost immunity and research has shown that it prevents formation of inflammatory substances.

Better Mental Health

Compounds like omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA) and amino acids are essential for brain functions. Deficiency of these nutrients can cause mood swings, brain fog and slower brain functioning. This is why herbal supplements like flaxseed and ashwagandha are very helpful in supporting mental health and brain functioning.

In fact, studies have shown that Withanolide A, an active ingredient in Ashwagandha helps protect nerve cell from degeneration and decrease oxidative brain stress. Many people swear by the calming effects that herbal supplements have on their mental well being.

Another way herbal supplements promote mental health is by regulating the gut and immune system functioning. Your gut and brain are closely related and stress in either affects the other adversely.

General Well-Being

Health is not merely absence of illness. It is also the presence of vitality and a feeling of well-being. Although lethargy, mild aches and brain fog are not chronic illnesses they can reduce your quality of life substantially. It is important to be full of energy and motivation to lead a meaningful life.

As you can see from above points herbal supplements support the vital functions of the body. Good digestive system, strong immunity and a healthy brain mean that you will thrive in your life with vitality.  Regular intake of herbal supplements improves your quality of life and protects you from falling sick.


Your body accumulates toxins if you stay in urban areas. Toxins have very common in our environment and accumulate in our body through food, air and water. Regular detoxification of body is essential to restore it to its natural state.

Herbs with anti-oxidants and flavonoids help renewing cells and decreasing burden on your liver. Herbs like milk thistle, nettle and cilantro are known to remove toxins from your body.

Less Expensive

Americans spend more than $400 billion on prescription drugs annually! Herbal supplements are much less expensive in comparison. Although they cannot replace prescription drugs for all treatment, they are effective way to manage your health and avoid illnesses. For example, taking herbal supplements will mean stronger immunity which means you spend less on prescription drugs for frequent viral and flu.

Easily Available

Herbal supplements are easily available over the counter and you do not require a prescription to obtain them. However, you should be careful in taking them if you are on other medications or under-going any surgery.

Minimal Side Effects 

Most of the conventional supplements are synthetic meaning that they are made up of artificial compounds that mimic the function of natural compounds. 95% of vitamins available in the market are synthetic and lack co-factors that come with the natural form of vitamins.

Since herbal supplements come from natural sources your bodies can absorb them easily. For this reason getting your daily requirements from herbal supplements is the safest way and has minimum side effects. It is advisable to check for personal allergies as different herbs may react differently for each of us.

Final Thoughts

The benefits or herbal supplements are many. They support optimal body functions by providing essential compounds in organic form. From anti-inflammatory properties to soothing stress levels, the uses of herbal supplements are many. Their easy availability and low cost make them a must have in everyone’s health regime.

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