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The Unending Benefits of Rhodiola: Positive Attitude and Burning Fat

Rhodiola Rosea, commonly referred to as the golden root, is an adaptogenic herb that perks plenty brain-boosting and fat-burning properties. Other crucial benefits of the herb include the ability to boost the immune system, increase libido, physical stamina, protect heart health and more.

People across the globe have given Rhodiola Rosea many names, including golden root, king’s crown, Arctic root, and roseroot, for its life-saving abilities. The plant can be found in the Arctic, Siberia, North America, Northern Asia, the UK and Europe. Rhodiola is one of the most effective adaptogens as it contains rosavin, an active compound that can balance cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Here are the unending benefits of Rhodiola Rosea:

For Positive attitude

People suffering from poor motivation can take Rhodiola supplements as they increase the energy levels, reducing the stress in the process. According to research, this herb enhances strength, stamina, and energy by increasing the red blood cell count while minimizing oxidative damage. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to the muscles; meaning, if they are more in number, then more oxygen reaches the tissue. Another study established that Rhodiola possesses an anti-inflammatory property that helps in quick muscle recovery and enhancing endurance, thanks to its ability to increase the synthesis of ATP.

For Stress

Rhodiola Rosea tea has been embraced for thousands of years for its calming effect. The herb contains some chemical properties that impact the body’s hormonal levels and induce relaxation. Amongst the many reasons people turn to Rhodiola is to balance their cortisol levels. The adaptogen can be helpful in calming the nervous system when it goes to the fight or flight mode as a result of stress. Prolonged periods of high cortisol levels can result in stress-related symptoms like thyroid issues, abdominal weight gain, lowered blood glucose response, weakened immunity, decreased cognition and hormonal imbalance. Worst cases of extended high cortisol levels include more reduced cognitive performance, increased levels of psychosocial stress, accelerated signs of aging, weight gain and exhaustion. This is why Rhodiola supplements make such a helpful anti-stress remedy.

For Deep Fat

Deep fat is one of the most dangerous fats in the body and can result in heart-related issues. Rhodiola helps the body burn the deposited fat as fuel more efficiently. Exercise can accelerate the fat loss process, but for an extra edge, one can consider supplementing it with Rhodiola to boost up the efforts. Those who are wondering how the herb helps in burning the fat, a study shows that it may minimize the visceral white adipose tissue and boost hypothalamic norepinephrine to help curb obesity resulting from the diet. The active compound, Rosavin, triggers a fat-burning response, as it assists in normalizing cortisol levels. Above all, the herb may minimize the cravings for unhealthy foods that are packed with bad fats, and in the process, helping one to stay healthy.

According to some studies, Rhodiola supplementation is well-tolerated by a lot of people and is less likely to cause side effects. According to the National Institute of Health, Rhodiola offers plenty of benefits regarding mental and physical performance, along with specific mental health conditions.

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