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Six Powerful Adaptogens You Should Buy Right Now

Adaptogens are often identified as helpful stress relievers. These adaptogens contain complex molecules when broken down from their plant forms. Adaptogens have been used in many civilizations spanning from the Chinese to the Scandinavian’s for the past 3000 years.

Adaptogens can be bought in coffee and tea blends, powders, and liquid drinks, but you can also buy them in raw plant for authentic recipes. Here are some of the most notable adaptogens to consider.


Rhodiola herb has been a great source of human energy for hundreds of years. Vikings relied on rhodiola right before raids, and it also has been used by astronauts aboard the Mir, a Russian space station that spent over 5000 days in orbit from 1986 to 1996. Rhodiola is also proven to improve athletic performance, such as allowing bicyclists to complete a six-mile trip faster than an athlete that take placebos. Consider rhodiola herb for energetic drinks and tea.


Ashwagandha has been used to relieve people of stress for hundreds of years. Studies also show that adults can rely heavily on this fabled herb to reduce anxiety levels significantly. This adaptogen is a popular ingredient used in cooking, as is used in cherished food items such as steamed fish and moon milk. Ashwagandha has a bitter and pungent taste on its own, but the taste it brings is hardly noticeable when blended with vanilla, chocolate, coconut cream, or maca.

Tulsi Holy Basil

Tulsi holy basil can look very similar to the basil that you use to make pasta. This adaptogen is commonly used as a soothing herbal tea in Ayurvedic medicine. This type of basil can be consumed to help you fall asleep at night and feel completely fine the next morning. Tulsi can give your mental capabilities a wake-up call, in addition to providing your body with a decent amount of endurance and strength.


Also known as the “immortality herb” in China, Jiaogulan is a calming herb that can relieve you of anxiety and stress. The appeal of this herb lies in its proven abilities to promotes health in vital organs and prolongs life. This herb is also known to greatly enhance heart health by improving bloodflow, decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol. You can easily make a tea out of this herb to promote relaxation.


Cordyceps is a mushroom that is rich in antioxidants, which work to take toxins out of your body after you consume them. That might sound good to be true, but it is. They can also increase energy levels and give your immune system a decent jolt. These mushrooms, in addition to other mushroomy adaptogens such as Chaga and Reishi, can be used to fight off fatigue. Due to their beta-glucan, they can give you an energizing feeling that can also give your skin anti-inflammatory sensations.

Mucuna Pruriens

They definitely are as foreign as they sound, native to Africa and the tropical regions of Asia. Often called “dopamine beans”, mucuna pruriens have up to 6 percent L-Dopa, the gateway to neurotransmitters such as adrenaline and dopamine. While not much knowledge on how these beans work is well known, it is believed to be of high therapeutic value.

Adaptogens are all great herbs that can be used as even better ingredients for meals and drinks alike. Count on adaptogens to relieve your stress and help you through troubling nights in bed.

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