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Your Guide to Herbal Products for Improving Focus and Concentration

It’s hard not to get distracted in this day and age.

Between multiple social media accounts and endless streams of information at your fingertips, it can be hard to focus on important tasks when your brain has adapted to chronic overstimulation.

This added overstimulation definitely doesn’t help for individuals already struggling with concentration difficulties. Life can become a challenge when you lose your ability to focus and find your mind wandering or forgetting simple responsibilities.

Many pharmaceuticals for improving concentration can be very dangerous because they typically contain addictive stimulants or come with other potentially damaging side effects. That’s why more and more people are seeking out herbal products for improving focus and concentration.

These are some of the best herbs for improving focus. Lots of herbal products on the market may contain a broad variety of herbs, so look for some of these in any item you plan on purchasing.

Evaluating Herbal Products for Improving Focus and Concentration


Ayurvedic medicine has used ashwagandha for centuries due to its powerful rejuvenating properties. As an adaptogen, ashwagandha helps ward off age-related conditions and promote healing throughout the body.

It’s particularly beneficial for treating digestive distress, supporting the immune system, and reducing stress due to the herb’s ability to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Thanks to these powerful properties, ashwagandha can improve mental clarity, focus, productivity, and energy levels.


This herb is otherwise known as golden root and is yet another adaptogen working hard to support the immune system. Studies suggest immune system health is directly linked to many mental conditions so by balancing the immune system, you may help promote positive mental health.

It doesn’t stop there: rhodiola helps the brain with focus, pleasure and increased resistance to stress. For this reason, many consider the herb to be a viable alternative remedy.

Lemon Balm

Think of lemon balm as a cross between lemongrass and mint in terms of flavor and scent. Many people have concentration issues due to stress. Lemon balm helps reduce your body’s cortisol production which leads to increased focus and relaxation without feeling drowsy.

Lemon balm also supports digestive health which you’ve probably experienced after long battles with stress. Not only that, but this herb also has powerful cleansing properties to help rid the body of unhealthy toxins.


Rosemary has been used for thousands of years due to its profound benefits regarding brain function, attention, energy, and most importantly: focus. In a study, subjects performed much better on cognitive performance tests in a room smelling of rosemary essential oil.

This herb is a great way to improve energy without overly stimulating effects because it contains a special oxide responsible for increasing blood flow. The best part? You don’t even have to take rosemary internally because you can inhale all the positive effects through aromatherapy.

Ginkgo Biloba

Native to Chinese medicine, ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries to treat inflammation, memory, and cognitive focus. Many studies find ginkgo biloba extract to be both safe and effective for treating memory and concentration conditions.

This powerful plant (possibly the oldest tree in existence), also contains several antioxidants that ward off brain fog, circulatory problems, and the oxidative stress that comes along with old age.

Yerba Mate

It’s tempting to reach for that second cup of coffee when you feel unmotivated in the afternoon. However, too much caffeine can actually do damage to your focus and concentration in the long-run.

Yerba mate is a great alternative because it provides more caffeine than regular tea but less than coffee. It also contains theobromine and theophylline to further boost brain activity.

Keep in mind…

Herbal products for improving focus and concentration are generally safe when used responsibly. However, nothing comes without its own risks. Many herbs may interact with any conditions you have or medications you’re taking such as antidepressants, blood thinners, or diabetes treatment. It is important to evaluate your risk before taking any herbal supplements – especially if you’re pregnant or may become pregnant.

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