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What Are the Best Herbs for Joint Pain and Inflammation?

Joint pain and inflammation can range from mildly annoying to virtually debilitating. Overwhelming pain can make it hard just to go about your daily life.

For someone experiencing joint pain in their hands, even something as simple as signing their name can be a challenge.

Sure, there are many prescription and over-the-counter drugs available to treat joint pain. Unfortunately, most of these pharmaceutical options only treat the symptoms: They don’t treat the root cause of joint pain and inflammation.

From opioids to NSAIDs, pain medication doesn’t come without its side effects. Prescription drugs for pain put patients at risk for developing addictions and digestive issues, or easily overdosing. Even over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen come with nasty side effects such as kidney issues and ulcers.

Instead of treating the side effects, you can heal your body from the inside out by treating the cause of joint pain and inflammation. The best part? You can do this with natural solutions by utilizing the best herbs for joint pain.

The Best Herbs for Joint Pain and Inflammation

Aloe Vera

You’re probably already familiar with using aloe vera to treat skin inflammation like sunburns. This powerful plant is also very useful for treating joint pain and other inflammation, too.

Aloe vera may also contain glucosamine to further aid joint health. If you opt to take aloe internally, watch out for digestive distress and low blood sugar levels.


This golden spice is one of nature’s best herbs for joint health. Turmeric treats inflammation throughout the entire body including your skin, digestive tract, and yes, joints, thanks to its active ingredient: curcumin.

Turmeric has been used in Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years due to its anti-inflammatory properties and dozens of health benefits. The great thing about this spice is that there is a bunch of scientific research to back up the claims. You can enjoy turmeric a number of ways including warm drinks, curries, soups, and capsules.


Collagen holds your joints and tissues together like a glue. When collagen levels drop, your skin starts to sag and your joints can become distressed or inflamed.

This substance is actually the most abundant protein in the body, and without it, you’d probably fall apart. Fortunately, you can supplement collagen through supplements, chews, and topical methods.


Many essential oils like eucalyptus are extremely beneficial for treating the symptoms of chronic joint pain. Eucalyptus is native to Australia but used throughout the world for its plentiful health benefits.

This essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to help relieve joint and muscle pain. Massaging eucalyptus oil onto the site is an excellent alternative to conventional medications like opioids or NSAIDs.

Green Tea

Weight loss, skin health, reducing free radical damage – what can’t green tea do? Green tea is one of the only substances on the planet that contain a substance called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG is a powerful compound responsible for the “clean” feeling you experience after drinking a cup of tea.

Not only goes EGCG improve oral health, but it’s also a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.


Most people already know that ginger is an excellent natural alternative for treating nausea. Turns out, ginger is actually very beneficial for treating inflammation throughout the body in the gut and joints.

Ginger also may improve blood circulation leading to healthy extremities and joints.

Willow Bark

Willow bark is very similar to aspirin in the body which makes it a perfect natural alternative to over-the-counter pain meds. As a result, many opt for willow bark to treat menstrual cramps as well as joint and head pains.

If you are pregnant or have kidney issues, make sure to check with your doctor before starting a willow bark supplement or any supplement.

Are Supplements Safe?

In generally healthy individuals, the supplements on this list are relatively safe. However, other medications frequently interact with supplements and create undesirable side effects.

Make sure to check with your doctor before starting any supplement routine, especially if you are pregnant, taking any medications, or have any health conditions.

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