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Best Herbs for Brain Health as You Age

Aging comes with all new sets of challenges. Many people may be well-prepared to tackle the physical conditions that come with age, but not the decline in brain function.

It can be emotional watching a loved one’s memory slip away and cognitive abilities decrease. Despite years of research, conventional medicine doesn’t offer many options when it comes to brain health. Plus, the few medications that do exist may come with dangerous side effects such as digestive issues.

Indeed, it seems like the best route is prevention when it comes to brain health. Once damage has occurred, it can be nearly impossible to reverse. This is why it’s important to take a proactive approach for a healthy mind by utilizing the best herbs and supplements for brain support as you age.

It’s never too early to improve your brain health!

8 Best Herbs for Brain POWER as You Age (and Anytime, Really)


This potent herb has been used for centuries throughout traditional Ayurvedic medicine thanks to its adaptogenic properties. This means Ashwagandha is beneficial for warding off disease and supporting the immune system which ultimately results in rejuvenating effects.

Ashwagandha is beneficial for the brain because it contains powerful antioxidants which prevent oxidative damage. As a result, this herb may improve cognitive function and psychomotor performance in healthy adults.


The great thing about rosemary is that you don’t need to take it internally because this herb works wonderfully through aromatherapy techniques like inhalation.

Studies show that individuals exposed to rosemary perform better on memory and focus tests. The herb accomplishes this by sending signals to your brain’s neurotransmitters responsible for cognitive function and memory recall. Basically, it stimulates electrical activity in the brain.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba might possibly be the oldest tree on the planet. As you can imagine, that’s part of the reason this extract boasts world-renowned benefits for improving brain health and reducing stress.

This herb has several antioxidants which work hard to reduce free radical damage. That’s the stuff responsible for age-related damage and many other problems. It also helps fight inflammation, which helps fend off additional age-related diseases.

Gotu Kola

This plant is native to the Asian wetlands throughout China and Indonesia. For years, cultures throughout Southeast Asia have utilized gotu kola for treating a broad range of conditions, including cognitive function and brain health.

Gotu kola belongs to the same family as parsley and it’s virtually flavor free. Nonetheless, this herb contains several powerful nutrients and phytonutrients such as vitamin C, B vitamins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Thanks to these powerful phytonutrients, gotu kola can help improve brain function and relieve stress.


Rhodiola grows throughout mountainous regions in Asia, Europe, and even the Arctic! Cultures have utilized this herb for centuries to treat stress and fatigue. It’s also particularly beneficial for aiding cognitive performance.

This herb contains phenylpropanoids and antioxidants which slows down degradation of your neurotransmitters responsible for brain function. For this reason, rhodiola is one of the best herbs for the brain as you age.


While effective on its own, ginseng is particularly powerful for improving attention when combined with ginkgo biloba. Both herbs are also excellent natural routes for reducing stress and increasing energy: ginseng for long-term stress and ginkgo for short.


Vacha, also known as sweet flag, is traditionally found throughout marshy areas in India and Nepal. It looks very similar to ginger. This herb is especially beneficial for treating memory loss or decreased cognitive function caused by past drug abuse.

It also has powerful detoxifying qualities and can drastically reduce speech problems. Some studies have found vacha to have carcinogenic qualities, so it’s best to take this herb under a qualified doctor’s care.

Lemon Balm

Historians trace the medicinal use of lemon balm back to the Middle Ages for improving appetite and sleep quality.

This herb also has substantial cognitive enhancing benefits for improving processing speed and other short-term memory issues.

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