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Adaptogens for brain health

Do you have difficulty focusing?

Do you feel like your brain is inactive?

Do you often forget important things?

Has your productivity been hampered because of brain power?

If you answered a yes to any of the above questions, you’re just having trouble staying alert and productive. Your mental focus needs to be sharper and this is a situation we all go through at some point in time.

Our brain plays a significant part in our lives – right from the time we wake up to the time we get back to sleep. The brain also has a role to play while we are asleep and therefore, this organ functions for us throughout the day. This means that it must be well-taken care and its health is of crucial importance.

While a miraculous pill that could instantly make you intelligent to perform like a superhuman isn’t available yet, there are several natural ways that can help to keep your brain healthy and clear. One such way is adaptogenic herbs or adaptogens.

What are adaptogens?

Phytotherapy is the use of plants that possess healing properties. Adaptogens are distinct plants with healing benefits. They balance, restore, and protect the body. Studies conclude that unlike drugs and other medications, adaptogens do not perform a specific action. They help in responding to any external influence or stressor, balancing the physiological functions of the body.

In the recent years, nootropics are becoming popular as a medicinal drug used to treat ADD, ADHD, and narcolepsy. However, what one does not realize are the side effects that come with these. Adaptogenic herbs are harmless nootropics that effectively improve brain concentration and focus. They avoid all the harmful and sometimes dangerous side effects.

Adaptogenic Herbs – The Holistic Drugs

Adaptogens naturally make the brain calm and relaxed. It enhances concentration and accelerates brainpower. These herbs are ideal for situations when you undergo immense mental, physical, and emotional stress.

How do adaptogens help with brain health?

Adaptogens boost brainpower and can safely:

  • Elevate the level of focus in situations of stress and anxiety
  • Cause anti-depressive effects
  • Improve the working capacity of the brain
  • Generate neuron synapse action

How are adaptogens different?

Hyper stimulating drugs increase the symptoms of sleeplessness and irritability in the body. This makes an individual fatigued. On the contrary, adaptogens improve cognitive functioning, reduce stress and keep the brain normalized.

One of the most important factors hampering brain health is stress and agitation. This means managing the same is crucial so that brainpower is not damaged. The branches of a brain occupied with stress are like gnarled, wasted trees with shrunken branches, whereas the branches of a healthy brain appear strong, stretching out to reach other progressing brain branches.

Are all adaptogen herbs beneficial?

Now, it is extremely vital to note that all adaptogen herbs are not the same. They have not been created equally and therefore have different effects on your body. Some make an impact on your immune system while the others help to fight stress.

Two such herbs that lead to a healthy mind and accelerated brain power are:


Popularly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha helps to balance mood and improve concentration. It is suitable for those who feel overworked and mentally strained.


The Rhodiola herb has been used for various purposes. It improves the performance of the mind and body, especially during stress and mental fatigue. It enables an individual to effectively manage stress and control moods.

A healthy mind is a happy mind and a happy mind functions to take the right decisions and manage the different activities requiring attention in this fast-paced world. Enhance your brain health with adaptogens and your body will automatically become hale and hearty.

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