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How We're Different

Raydian is a natural supplement company, developed by a Doctor and Pharmacist, husband and wife, who wanted to provide solutions for common ailments that are naturally derived. With their vast experience in the industry, and passion for using natural remedies, an innovative idea came to life – products people can trust, directly from nature that aid from within.

“We look to nature for solving common health conditions, and believe optimal health can be achieved by having the right mindset and right ingredients. With our help, we want to help you make an active decision to improve your health. By looking for natural treatments whenever possible, we can ensure a quality product that is safe and affordable.”

- Rammi Dhaliwal, Pharamcist
Calm Focus - Plant Based Herbal Formula

Our Products

We offer safe, effective health solutions with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Customers can get answers to their health relation questions directly from us.

We use high quality ingredients that are naturally derived.

Our products are manufactured in a facility that is GMP*, NSF* International and NPA* registered.

We offer products you can trust.

  • GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices
  • NSF = National Sanitation Foundation
  • NPA = The Natural Products Association
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Our Mission

We want to create safe, effective products that are useful to our customers.

Core Values


We respect your health and want to treat everyone with dignity.


We’re compassionate about the common frustrations people face in our current medical industry. We want to learn about your health concerns, and help you find a solution.


We work hard to provide products that exude true excellence. Only the finest ingredients, and high quality manufactures are used when creating our products.


We are constantly researching ways on how to improve and create better products. Innovation is a huge part of our success.

Why We Came to Be

In both of our careers in medicine, we started noticing patients were seeking more natural solutions to their problems. Patients wanted safer options for some of their health concerns. With our experience and expertise, we knew by providing natural supplements, we could give our patients a chance to work on their lifestyle and have more control over their health without having to sacrifice something in return.

Meet Rammi Dhaliwal

Pharmacist and Raydian Co-founder

During high school Rammi Dhaliwal had the opportunity to volunteer at a retirement community for the elderly and disabled. Helping those in need with day to day activities and spending time with them was a humbling experience for Rammi. Discovering the positive impact health care professionals can have on one’s life is what ended up inspiring Rammi to become a health care professional.

Rammi went on to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2010 from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon Canada. She then completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy in 2014 from the University of Saskatchewan as well. After working in both community and hospital pharmacy she had the opportunity to work in drug information at PADIS (Poison and Drug information Services with Alberta Health Services in Canada). Rammi enjoyed working in drug information because it allowed her to provide guidance and advice to patients on their specific medications. Since then she has been working for a pharmaceutical company in the RTP area as a medical information specialist.

“Starting Raydian has become important to me since practicing as a Pharmacist. I have seen the potential benefits these products can have on an individual's quality of life. I feel having products that will work along side western medicine is important for a balanced lifestyle.”

Meet Raja Virk

Family Physician and Raydian Co-founder

Raja had always known he wanted to be a medical doctor. He decided to go to the University of Debrecen Medical School in Hungary where they provided a straight path to get your medical degree. During medical school Raja remained interested in how the body functioned and how disease processes could affect it. After graduating with Cum Laude and getting his MD in 2008 Raja returned to the USA to further his studies. During this time, he started research at the Mayo Clinic and had the opportunity to write a book chapter. Raja then obtained residency in Family Medicine in North Carolina and has since been working in the area in both primary and urgent care.

“I wanted to start Raydian because my patients wanted more choices. They were looking for better solutions but were confused by so many options. They wanted to make sure the products they were taking were safe and didn’t interact with their medications. This need from my patients lead me to develop Raydian.”